• Disabled pensioner harassed in Taranto: 13 adults and 12 minors. Another case in Caserta
  • Milan. Barrel to disabled daughter, parents arrested
  • Bullying: persecuted disabled boy, denounced 17 year old. Other victims no longer went to school
  • Disabled beaten, arrested the author of the beating
  • Lecce: they tie disabled to a gate and torture him. Two 21 year olds arrested


December 16, 2019They tortured a disabled person for fun, subjecting him to every kind of humiliation. With this accusation, the carabinieri of the company of Corigliano Calabro (Cs) carried out this morning, against three young people of 19, 20 and 26 years, an order of custody under house arrest issued by the magistrate at the Court of Castrovillari, on request from the local Public Prosecutor's Office. Aggravated torture, violation of domicile and illicit interference in private life the alleged crimes.

The three young men, in competition with a 19-year-old man arrested by the Carabinieri for the same crimes last week, had entered the victim's home, a gentleman with a psychophysical disability, who lives in a state of neglect and social unrest and had started first at taunt him, then slap him, beat him and discover him repeatedly from the blankets that wrapped him in the bed. Not content with this, they took pleasure in their "exploits" taking up the whole scene with a mobile phone, whose video was soon published on the Instagram profile of one of the arrested, making the images visible to everyone.

The Corigliano Operational Unit and Radiomobile Unit, who conducted the investigations, ascertained how these actions were repeated in at least two separate episodes. On the basis of the investigations carried out by the carabinieri, the statements made by the 19-year-old previously arrested, who would have admitted the facts indicating the names of the accomplices in the persecutory acts committed against the man, and on the basis of the seizure of the phone of one of the boys and of the information rendered by two of the suspects as well as the medical report, the magistrate considered that the case represented the crime of torture, introduced only recently in our penal code, since it was a treatment "inhuman and degrading to the dignity of the victim", surrounded by his torturers, terrified, taunted, slapped, derided, pushed into a state of confusion and disorientation and, moreover, filmed
(then spread on the net) in those humiliating conditions. All for fun and games.

Arrested persons are also charged with the crime of domicile violation having entered the victim's home against his will with faces hidden during the beatings with scarves or other clothing. For all these reasons, the investigating judge considered the precautionary requirements to exist against the suspects and applied a precautionary measure of house arrest.