Shurandy S. was sentenced to 28 years in jail for liquidating the brother of crown witness Nabil B. The Amsterdam Court of Appeal imposed a higher sentence than the court first did, partly because the man "acted extraordinarily cold, calculating and merciless" .

"He was approached months in advance to carry out liquidation against payment of 100,000 euros. He immediately declared himself willing to do so in a split second," the verdict said.

In the first instance, the court imposed 20 years in jail instead of the then also requested 28 years for the murder of Reduan B. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) wanted the high punishment because the man winding up the brother of the crown witness "attack on the rule of law". The court did not agree with that at the time, because S. did not know who to liquidate. However, the court now states that S.'s ignorance is of secondary importance.

The man first did a reconnaissance and finally invaded Reduan B.'s company on March 29, 2018. The victim was shot there. The crown witness's family went into hiding after the murder and lives with heavy security.

S. never wanted to say who gave him the order, but the judiciary thinks the group around the fugitive Ridouan Taghi and his right-hand man Saïd Razzouki is responsible. Nabil B. has made several statements about them and six days after this was announced, his brother Reduan B. was fired.