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December 16, 2019New coup at the trial against the eight carabinieri accused by the prosecutor of "detecting" the investigation into the barracks of Stefano Cucchi arrested on 15 October 2009 for drugs and died seven days later at the Sandro Pertini hospital Rome. This morning the carabinieri Massimiliano Colombo Labriola and Francesco Di Sano, both defendants in the "misdirection" trial, asked the judge Giulia Cavallone to appear as a civil party in the proceedings against the co-defendants Francesco Cavallo and Luciano Soligo. The motivation, the lawyers of the two carabinieri explained, would be sought in the obligation as soldiers to carry out orders arrived from the superiors: the lieutenant colonel, Cavallo and the lieutenant colonel, Soligo. For this reason the decision to constitute a civil party against the two hierarchical superiors, who are also in the trial. "The order was given by those who insisted on modifying something more - explained one of the lawyers - Labriola and Di Sano suffered an image damage, from this point of view we are in the same position as the prison police officers".

General Alessandro Casarsa was charged for the red herring at the time of the events as commander of the Rome Group, and 7 other carabinieri, including Lorenzo Sabatino, then commander of the operational department of the carabinieri in Rome. The eight carabinieri are accused in various capacities and according to the positions of forgery, aiding, abusing a complaint and calumny. In addition to Casarsa and Sabatino, Francesco Cavallo is on trial, at the time the lieutenant colonel and head of the Rome Group command; Luciano Soligo, at the material time major of the weapon and commander of the Rome Montesacro company; Massimiliano Colombo Labriola, at the time of the facts commander of the Tor Sapienza station; Francesco Di Sano, at the time in service at the Tor Sapienza station; Tiziano Testarmata, commander of the fourth section of the investigative unit of the Carabinieri and the carabiniere Luca De Cianni, accused of forgery and slander. Four of the eight defendants were present at the hearing this morning: Colombo Labriola, Sabatino, Testarmata and Di Sano.