The busiest day for Moscow and St. Petersburg will be December 30, analysts say.

According to the forecast, approximately 63% more people will fly away from the capital on this day than on the average day. At the same time, 30% more people will fly to Moscow than usual.

The maximum busy day at St. Petersburg airport is also expected on December 30: approximately 83% more residents will fly out of the city than usual, while the tourist flow to the city will increase by 45%, experts found.

The number of passengers leaving Moscow railway stations on December 30 will triple as compared to a regular day. At the same time, on December 31, the number of passengers arriving in the capital will increase 3.2 times.

For St. Petersburg railway stations, the most active day will also be December 30 - 2.4 times more travelers will leave the city. And on December 31, the tourist flow will increase 2.9 times compared with the usual day of the year, they said in OneTwoTrip.

The forecast is made on the basis of data on sales of railways and airline tickets for previous years, as well as information on already placed orders this year.

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