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Saxony-Anhalt: CDU politician Robert Möritz leaves Uniter association


The neo-Nazi allegations against Robert Möritz burden the coalition in Saxony-Anhalt. The Uniter association is suspected of having links to the right-wing extremist milieu.

The CDU district politician Robert Möritz from Saxony-Anhalt, who is faced with neo-Nazi allegations, has left the controversial Uniter association, according to CDU information. "Mr. Möritz has just informed the CDU state association that he has left this association today," wrote Secretary General Sven Schulze on Twitter. The association is suspected of being connected to a right-wing extremist underground network.

Since yesterday and today there were questions about how Robert Möritz became a member of the Uniter e. V. the following information is to be assessed: Mr Möritz has just informed the CDU state association that he has left this association today.

- Sven Schulze (@schulzeeuropa) December 15, 2019

A few days ago, Möritz had admitted to being a member of Uniter, an association that networks among other things elite soldiers, police officers and bodyguards. Uniter is suspected of having links to the right-wing extremist milieu. According to the federal government, the association is currently not an object of surveillance for the protection of the constitution, but the security authorities are still investigating indications of extremist efforts. According to the daily newspaper's research, the deputy chairman of the association, the former KSK soldier André S., is the head of a nationwide right-wing underground network. Under the code name "Hannibal", S. is supposed to administer chat groups in which so-called preppers prepare for a "day X".

Möritz defended himself that neither he nor his surroundings are right-wing extremists at Uniter. The association is based on human rights and the basic democratic order, said the CDU district politician in a statement. The district executive committee of the CDU Anhalt-Bitterfeld stated that no right-wing extremist attitude could be derived from membership in Uniter.

Case affects Kenya coalition in Saxony-Anhalt

The neo-Nazi upheavals against Möritz put a heavy strain on the coalition of CDU, SPD and Greens in Saxony-Anhalt. In addition to membership in Uniter, Möritz is held to have a tattoo with a so-called black sun. The symbol consists of a combination of several swastikas and gitl in the neo-Nazi scene as a distinguishing mark. In 2011 Möritz is also said to have performed as a folder on a neo-Nazi demo.

After the allegations became known, the CDU district board unanimously expressed their trust in Möritz and rejected personnel consequences. Möritz stated that he was 19 years old at the time of the neo-Nazi demonstration and was not politically stable and, out of "misunderstood loyalty", complied with these people's request to accompany the demo. This was a mistake, said the district board. It was also said that Möritz had the tattoo out of interest in Celtic mythology and that he did not know the meaning at the time.

SPD and Greens reacted indignantly to the decision of the CDU district board. "If the CDU Saxony-Anhalt says goodbye to all reason and marches into political absurdistan, they must know that they will lose the SPD as a partner," wrote SPD state leader Burkhard Lischka on Twitter. He missed an "outcry from the decent in the CDU".

Your decent in the CDU. I know that you are the vast majority in your party. Wouldn't it be the right time to ask your leadership in Saxony-Anhalt how long CDU board members have shown themselves in public in 2019 (!)?

- Burkhard Lischka (@LischkaB) December 15, 2019

The Greens spread a message on Saturday entitled "How many swastikas have space in the CDU?" The CDU country chief Holger Stahlknecht and Secretary General Schulze demanded an immediate apology. "Without this, a continuation of the coalition is hardly conceivable," Schulze wrote on Twitter.

Source: zeit

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