Every day to the super around the corner and only stock brands, or do all the bargains once a week? In the section Het Bonnetje , we talk to an ordinary (or slightly less ordinary) Dutch person about his or her supermarket strategy every week.

Who: Hedwig Stufken (27)
Earns the living as: software tester
Where: Almere
Lives: alone

Hedwig's receipt:

  • 8 x Basic green beans broken 6.75 euros
  • 3 x Garden peas 2.55 euros
  • Chicken fillet 7.00 euros
  • Ground beef 4.95 euros
  • 4 x Shoarma bars 22.58 euros
  • Toilet paper 3.19 euros
  • AH Ultra long 1.09 euros
  • 2 x liquid base 2.58 euros
  • 3 x Broccoli mix 7.68 euros
  • 6 x Sweet pepper bars 16.68 euros
  • Spice mix for chicken 3.09 euros
  • 5 x Winter Village 0.00 euros
  • Package € 4.05
  • Total: € 82.29

What a huge pile of green beans, peppers and peas! What's up with that?

"I buy in bulk! That is much cheaper. I do my shopping once a month. I like that better than finding out what I want to eat every week. I like to eat about the same thing every day, among other things because I have autism I am very bad at making decisions and then I go quickly to fast food. I also want to lose some weight, so I know exactly how many calories I get every day. I sometimes want to alternate with meat. "

And tasty drinks, desserts or sweets?

"I only drink water and get a box of tea for visitors every two or three months. I don't eat sweets and I don't eat yogurt or anything like that either. Only for visitors I sometimes get something extra. month the choice I eat! I love my own meal. Although: it might be an idea to try some other things and see if I can keep it just as healthy. "

You have now spent 80 euros. Will it stay that way for this month?

"Yes, that is pretty average. It is of course a bit on my supply. I have had a month in which it was 60, and sometimes months of 110 euros. For small things I sometimes go to the Dane when I walk past it "

But it's December, and there's no stollen or mulled wine on your voucher!

"Far too unhealthy dude! I don't like mulled wine either. I'm with my parents at Christmas, they must have a slice of stollen for me!"

Respect for your iron discipline. Where does the majority of your income go?

"Mainly to my hobbies. I do a lot of needlework and fabric. Yarn and other stuff can be quite expensive. I also try to save a lot. Since I left the house for three years now, this just seemed the most logical way of I order my groceries online, and then pick it up myself at a collection point. Walking into a supermarket gives me a lot of incentives. It costs me at most fifteen minutes, and then I am home again. "

How are the winter houses, by the way? With so many groceries you will of course immediately be in a whole village.

"I don't really save them, but I was curious about what it was. They are fun! I think I'll get the shelf they need on soon. But there are a total of 45, I still have to! "

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