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Jean-Paul Delevoye, High Commissioner for Pensions, September 30, 2019. AFP / Eric Feferberg

According to the latest revelations from the newspaper Le Monde , the high commissioner for pensions in France, Jean-Paul Delevoye, forgot to declare to the High Authority for the transparency of public life not three but thirteen terms.

Again on December 14, only three undisclosed mandates were known to Jean-Paul Delevoye , but faced with the tenacity of the media, the High Commissioner for Pensions took the lead and wrote a new declaration of interest to the High Authority transparency for public life. He added no less than ten mandates, so 13 in total.

Eleven of them were volunteers. But even unpaid, certain situations can cause conflicts of interest. His role as president of a think tank, where he received more than 5,000 euros per month, is really problematic. He continued to collect this amount while he was in government, which the Constitution expressly prohibits.

" Social engagement "

Today, the architect of the pension reform says he regrets his errors which he now considers corrected, since he rectified his declaration, resigned from his functions and undertook to reimburse the sums unduly received. Jean-Paul Delevoye justifies himself by saying: " I made these omissions because, for me, it was about social commitment ".

Fragile in public opinion and discredited by certain unions for whom these oversights reinforce their distrust, Jean-Paul Delevoye declared that he wanted to continue to defend the pension reform. For the moment, he still has the support of the Prime Minister, a way for the executive to rule out the possible resignation of the one who owns the cogs of reform.

On the side of the reformist unions, the reserve seems to be in order, as evidenced by the words of Orléane François, president of FAGE, a student union.

It is not up to us to say whether or not he must resign. There must be a processing of his file.

"Oublis" by Jean-Paul Delevoye: comment from Orléane François, president of FAGE. 12/15/2019 - by RFI Play

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