Continued North Korean restaurant business in Russia Maintaining foreign currency acquisition or December 15 at 12:48

In response to the UN sanctions resolution on North Korea, the North Korean restaurant in Moscow, Russia, will continue to operate in the near future as North Korean workers in each country are repatriated. Is looking to maintain the means of obtaining foreign currency by looking for loopholes in sanctions.

As part of the UN Security Council sanctions against North Korea, North Korean workers in each country are to be repatriated by the 22nd of this month.

Under these circumstances, one of the two North Korean restaurants in Moscow, Russia, where North Korea was also a means of acquiring foreign currency, closed, and the official said to NHK that the employee's visa was not renewed. Said.

On the other hand, the other restaurant is still open, and the store official said, “It will not be closed during the year-end and New Year holidays. It will continue to open in the future.”

According to the registration information of this restaurant, the president of the company that manages the store is said to be Russian, but the person who is the founder of the company and who is in a position to earn 100% profit is a man who seems to be a North Korean national, and will continue to change in the future I found out that it might not be.

Russia seems to have stopped issuing work visas in accordance with UN sanctions resolutions, but the man who founded the restaurant may stay in Russia in a way that does not conflict with other sanctions, such as another visa.

Diplomatic officials say, “We are paying attention to how we will continue if we continue to operate,” and diplomatic officials in each country residing in Moscow look for loopholes in sanctions to find ways to acquire foreign currency. We are keeping an eye on maintaining it.