China 15% on Dec. 15 at the first stage agreement on tariffs for US timber and fabrics

Following the conclusion of the first stage of the US-China trade negotiations, the Chinese government announced that it would postpone tariffs on imports from the US that were scheduled to be launched on the 15th as a countermeasure against the US Did.

The trade negotiations between the United States and China have reached the first stage of agreements in areas such as the expansion of China's purchase of agricultural products and the protection of intellectual property rights. The US government has already targeted imports from China on the 13th. In addition to lowering some of the tariffs that have been activated, the company announced that it would forego additional tariffs on Chinese smartphones that were approaching.

In response, the Chinese government announced on the 15th that it would postpone the tariff on 3361 items such as American timber and textiles that were scheduled to be launched as a countermeasure against the United States.

In addition, the government has continued to take measures to suspend tariffs on American-made cars and auto parts since January, and based on requests from Chinese companies, some of the tariffs on agricultural products such as soybeans and pork Measures to exempt from will continue.

As a result, the exchange of additional customs measures between the United States and China, which had been ongoing since last year, will be somewhat eased.

However, there is a gap between the two sides regarding the contents of this agreement and attitudes toward future negotiations, and it is unclear whether the conflict between the United States and China will be in full swing.