Society places great value on higher education, although nearly a third of billionaires in 2016 did not graduate from college, including Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg.

The American Business Insider website said that after interviewing several project leaders and consultants, it turned out that everyone agreed that you do not need a college degree to succeed. Know their reasons, and why do they think that ?:

It is rare that you need certification
When Gary Finchuk, founder and CEO of FinerX, failed his fourth grade test, he was very upset, but he never gave importance to the school because he decided to become a businessman. Therefore, he honed his skills, learned to sell, and focused on what made him happy.

Finchuk explained that mastering entrepreneurship is through work. There are endless free ways to learn business. Most companies do not need a college degree for the jobs they propose, including Google and Apple.

Ultimately, your decision is based on whether the certification will put you in the right path to reach your personal goals.

Life is not always what you know, but who you know
Grant Cardon, founder of Cardon Capital, says he sees no benefit in putting 18-year-olds in huge debt to postpone their career for half a decade. He stated that the only reason he sent his daughters to university was to meet people and create a network of relationships. Life is not always what you know, but who you know.

And Cardon advised that if you are not able to enroll in a luxury high school, it is best to do a more beneficial job by skipping the college and focusing on real-world skills such as concluding deals and negotiating.

Work Experience Learns Skills To Survive, Prosperity, And Courage (Bixaby)

Learn by doing
Brandon Dawson, founder and CEO of Cardon Ventures, has acquired all the skills needed to survive, thrive and courage alone, through work experience that teaches self-sufficiency, networking with others, and selling to professionals through sales.

Dawson explained that this confidence helped him well in starting a business at the age of 27, as he did not need a certificate to learn something he preferred to learn by doing, stressing that thinking on a larger scale and challenging oneself makes a huge difference.

You do not need a certificate if you are self-employed
Sarah Crisp, founder of Hall Sell Ted, has pushed her parents to go to college, even though she has a successful e-commerce store. One day, she faced the option to finish an essay in three days or sell her products, and given that outsourcing university articles was a fraud, Crisp decided to drop out of study the next day, and used her extra time to double the size of her store and achieve double profits.

You can succeed before your friends graduate
Marcus Hitzinger, founder and CEO of NYBi Media, stated that his goal is to be the manager of his own project, not to work for another company.

He added: While others spent years studying and moving back and forth between exams and university events, he built a company with huge profits at the same time "it was not easy" but it was the only path that guaranteed him success.

There are many ways to learn skills and it is best to spend time trying life and discovering your passion (Bixaby)

Not having a certificate makes you work harder
Gail Corder Fisher, deputy CEO of Fisher and Partners, persevered in developing strong skills in business ethics and problem solving in the real world first, and discovered how to deal with problems.

As a result, she is ready to work with anyone and has a great desire to ask the right questions and guide others to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

This means that they spend less time and money than others when they collaborate with external professionals and teams within companies. Fischer indicated that a degree in business administration does not make you a great leader. Some things are just innate.

All knowledge at your fingertips
Tom Ferry, founder and CEO of Tom Ferry International, said he was distressed by more than half of the college's youth today who are trying to "find their way" and amassing huge student loan debt in the process.

There are many ways to learn skills today, and it is best to spend time trying life and finding guides to help you discover your passion.

Phiri added that once you find this passion, you can attend seminars, take online training sessions, read anything and everything related, and even indulge in YouTube videos to become an expert in this field. There is unlimited information at your fingertips.

Vocational training gives you an experience that the college cannot
Matt Scholdt, founder of the personal brands agency "TPI Media Group", started his own business selling rare shirts at the age of 19, thereby learning that practical experience, marketing skills and the right business mindset were the foundation of the successful project.

By helping those who have achieved the success he dreamed of, Schulte has acquired experiences that not many people have had.