US Special Representative “North Korea ’s policy to denuclearize North Korea does not change” December 15, 5:25

As North Korea intensified its provocation to the United States, an American vegan special representative in charge of denuclearization negotiations departed for Japan and Korea. Vegan stressed that NHK ’s coverage of the US ’s policy to denucleate North Korea remains unchanged.

The vegan special representative, who will be in charge of negotiations with North Korea in the United States and will assume the role of Deputy Secretary of State, will visit Japan and South Korea on the 15th and 19th, leaving from an airport near Washington on the 14th. .

Mr. Vegan responded to NHK's interview at the airport, saying that while he was staying in Korea, the first place to visit this time, he would come in contact with the North Korean side. I didn't say anything. "

North Korea has unilaterally set a deadline for the end of the year and urged the concession to the United States, and on the 14th following the 8th of this month, it announced that it “had carried out a serious experiment at the Sohe satellite launch site”, and has strengthened its provocation. .

In this regard, Mr. Vegan said, “Nothing has changed in US policy. North Korea knows that,” stressing that there is no change in the policy for denuclearization.

Vegan will meet with senior officials from Japan and Korea during this visit to discuss future responses to North Korea and confirm close collaboration.