Taiwan presidential election Election campaign begins. Development of incumbent Mr. Tatsumi's lead December 14, 19:52

The presidential election in Taiwan has officially started on the 14th, with less than a month until voting, and is currently led by the current president, Eibun.

In Taiwan, the presidential election is scheduled to be held on the 11th of next month, following the expiration of the president's term, and the 28-day election campaign has officially started on the 14th.

There are three candidates: Mr. Sung (63), the Democratic Party aiming for re-election, Mayor Kaohsiung in the south and the largest opposition National Party, Korea Satoshi (62), and Minoru opposition, the top of the minority party ’s Familiar Party (77).

In the latest opinion poll, Mr. Zhao, who is far away from China, is leading the development of a sense of caution against China, which has strengthened in response to the situation in Hong Kong.

Mr. Zhao announced plans to revitalize the local economy on the 14th, saying, “During the drastic changes in the international political and economic situation, such as trade disputes between the US and China and problems in Hong Kong, we will attract investment from inside and outside of Taiwan and create many jobs. I wanted to do it. "

On the other hand, Mr. Han, who is headwinding in a harmonious position in China, said in an event held in Chubu, “Agricultural products and industrial products cannot be sold in the region, and people will not come. "I will put all my energy into the economy," he said, criticizing the Roh administration and appealing for the need to recapture it.

On the other hand, in the election of legislative members, who are parliamentarians at the same time, it is a fierce battle, with the ruling party's Democratic Party being unable to take a majority due to persistent dissatisfaction with existing parties, and the possibility of minority parties extending their seats.