Jönköping Swimrun, which has been arranged for a couple of years, assumes that the participants both run and swim alternately without stopping between the distances. The competition has two main distances, 35 and 15 kilometers respectively. It is the longer distances that, from next year, will qualify for the "Island to Island" - the sport's world championship.

In the clip above you can follow around the swim runway 2019

Relatively new sport

The first swimrun competition was held in the Stockholm archipelago in 2006. The sport came after a bet between two brothers three years earlier.

Jönköping swimrun will take place between the fifth and sixth of June next year. Start and finish are located at Rådhusparken in central Jönköping. In between, participants run through residential areas, forests and swimming in Vättern, Rocksjön and Munksjön.

Below is a clip from this year's Island to Island in the Stockholm archipelago

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Fanny Danckwardt and Desirée Andersson won the women's class in island to island - and crossed the finish line with a change of curls. Photo: Mediemerah / Island to island