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Jean-Paul Delevoye (our photo) has resigned from Ifpass and has agreed to reimburse the disputed remuneration. Eric FEFERBERG / AFP

Jean-Paul Delevoye's list of oversights is growing again. When he was appointed to the Minister of Solidarity and Health, the High Commissioner for Pension Reform should have declared his various functions to the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life, which examines the heritage and activities of the members of the government. But that too, Jean-Paul Delevoye forgot. For four days the revelations have followed one another: three omissions of function with public or private organizations and perhaps two others to come according to the newspaper "Le Monde" ...

After failing to declare his duties as administrator at Ifpass, the insurer training institute, a volunteer position, the High Commissioner for Pensions has skipped the obligation to give up the presidency of Parallaxe, a think tank of the IGS group for which received 5,300 euros per month. Jean-Paul Delevoye also forgot to indicate that, since 2016, he sat on the Board of Directors of the SNCF foundation.

Incompatible functions

Certainly, Jean-Paul Delevoye has declared his income to the tax authorities. But such functions are incompatible with its governmental responsibilities. The other two omissions are different in nature but may present potential conflicts of interest. His detractors see a rapprochement between his retirement plan with points and his role at Ifpass, the training organization of insurers, who themselves defend pension systems in the form of private insurance. And what about its function at the SNCF foundation, when the future reform provides for the disappearance of special regimes, including that of railway workers.

Embarrassing situation

It is therefore a very embarrassing situation for the government . Jean-Paul Delevoye has since resigned from the Ifpass and has agreed to reimburse the disputed remuneration, ie around 107,000 euros, which does not prevent the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life (HATVP) from say, Wednesday, December 18, whether or not it forwards Mr. Delevoye's file to justice.

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