Glasgow (AFP)

Beaten in his first three games, La Rochelle went for pride in Glasgow (12-7) on Saturday for the 4th day of Group B of the European Rugby Cup.

Beaten in extremis at home (27-24) by the Scots a week ago, the Stade Rochelais overcame the headwind and a strong test conceded in the quarter of an hour to turn in the lead at the break ( 12-7).

It was first the winger Jules Favre who received a pass at the foot of Brieuc Plessis to score a corner and give the advantage to the Maritimes (7-5, 22nd) after a transformation from Brock James.

And five minutes from half-time, a breakout by Alexis Balès was stopped two meters from the line but center Levani Botia recovered the ball and pretended to dive on the line (12-7, 35th).

In the second half, Glasgow pushed and even played 10 minutes to 15 against 14 after a yellow card for Alexi Balès, who could have had a penalty try.

The Warriors even thought they were winning 30 seconds before the end of regular time but referee Wayne Barnes returned to a violent gesture during the action which led to the corner test: a fuss from elbow to throat by Matt Fagerson on Dani Priso who was logically expelled. And Scott Cummings' essay was therefore canceled.

If despite this success La Rochelle is definitively excluded from the qualification race, it is however a big blow for Glasgow. If successful at home against Sale Sunday, Exeter could irreparably take off at the head of group B.

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