The Taranto plant (archive)

  • Mittal to the unions: extraordinary redundancy fund for 3500 workers
  • ArcelorMittal, the protest of the companies linked to Taranto
  • ArcelorMittal: judge denies extension for blast furnace 2
  • Arcelor Mittal, Patuanelli: State entry for a new plan


December 12, 2019The term for extinguishing the Altoforno 2 from the former Ilva of Taranto expires, Arcelor Mittal informs the workers' organizations of the redundancy fund, which the unions reject. In the afternoon, the parties involved, including the Commissioners of the extraordinary administration of Ilva, Ardito, Danovi and Lupo, will have a meeting at the Ministry for Economic Development with Minister Stefano Patuanelli.

Arcelor Mittal on the evening of Wednesday 11 December informed the unions that, "following the rejection of the request made by the Commissioners of Ilva in extraordinary administration to extend the extinction of Afo2, they will soon send them the start of the cash procedure extraordinary integration for 3,500 units ". The meeting at the Mise is scheduled for 5 pm. The position of the unions is unambiguous: no to the redundancies of the new ArcelorMittal business plan, 4700 by 2023 declared to the Mise in recent days, and not even to the extraordinary layoff for 3500 workers of the steel industry of Taranto that the company asked yesterday as a result of the shutdown, by intervention of the judiciary, of the blast furnace 2, one of the three currently operating in the plant.

Cisl: production must remain
"At Mise, we will reiterate that the production of steel in our country is fundamental and is not in heaven or on earth that we lose it. Nor much more than 6 thousand workers remain in the field between disputes, complaints and courts" says the Cisl General Secretary, Annamaria Furlan, regarding the Arcelor Mittal dispute.

Uil: we ask for public participation
"We do not resign ourselves and we will not stop, we will continue to fight", emphasizes the leader of the Uil Carmelo Barbagallo. "The government has unfortunately given alibis, the judiciary has done its part, the problem is to see if we still want to make steel in this country or not. We ask for public participation, with a sort of Civ public on strategic companies", adds Barbagallo reiterating that the multinationals "cannot come to our country to go shopping and then leave us with rubble".

Uilm: very serious decision, the Government intervenes
"ArcelorMittal's decision is of an unheard-of gravity because, instead of verifying all the possible alternatives in order not to resort to such an invasive instrument, it uses the provision of the Judge to obtain the results it had set for itself: using workers as human shields" Uilm leader Rocco Palombella disputes A. Mittal's decision to initiate the CGIS procedure for 3,500 workers and urgently calls for "government intervention against this multinational" and "judicial authorities to verify that there have been no violations that would undermine plant integrity ".

The Usb: return the public hand
"Closing polluting sources and building a program agreement. The Tarantino plant is falling apart and an industrial choice that combines the right to work, health and respect for the environment is unimaginable. The solution we propose, the only viable option, passes for the return of the former Ilva to the public hand, for these reasons the government must immediately declare ArcelorMittal in default and pursue it legally for damages ", stressed in a joint note Sergio Bellavita of the national Usb and Francesco Rizzo of the Usb of Taranto.
The Minister for the South: Mittal has responsibilities
"The public entrance in Ilva depends on the industrial plan," says Giuseppe Provenzano, minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion on Radio 24. "If by Ilva we make Europe's largest steel mill at the forefront of green steel production then a public presence makes sense to accompany this process. Arcelor MIttal has a responsibility if after a year and a half the plan has proved unworkable ".

The Tarantini to the Minister of Health: close the hot production
Meanwhile, the spokespersons of about twenty associations and committees, including Tarentini Parents, Peacelink and Isde-Doctors for the Environment write to the Health Minister: "We expect you to do everything you can and at any cost to ensure the health of citizens and workers undermined by hot steel production ". In an open letter to Minister Roberto Speranza, the citizens explain that "the European Court of Human Rights has condemned the Italian State for failing to protect the health of the Tarantini" and that the "next January 23 is the first stage of a new proceeding against the State ".