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Kawhi Leonard ovations and triumphs for his return to Toronto, James Harden at 55 points with Houston, triple-doubles for LeBron James and the winning Bucks without Giannis: the favorites were at the rendezvous of Wednesday night NBA.

. Raptors-Clippers: the return of the "King of the North"

Kawhi Leonard made his comeback in Toronto after leading the Canadian franchise last season to his first NBA title. The Scotiabank Arena has given him a warm welcome, giving him a standing ovation and broadcasting a video honoring his season, he finishes best player (MVP) play-offs.

But once the match started, Kawhi Leonard defended his new colors, those of the Clippers, scoring 23 points which allowed the Californian franchise to win 92-112 against Raptors too ineffectively offensively (8 out of 35 to 3 points, their worst statistics this season).

The Clippers' offense was combined in the plural: in addition to Kawhi Leonard, six players scored 10 points or more, including Patrick Beverley, released in full match after receiving an involuntary elbow in the face.

For the fourth game of their road trip, which has six, the Clippers chained their third consecutive victory, they who have yet experienced 6 of their 7 losses this season away.

. Riders Rockets: 55 points for "The Beard"

The Rockets can say thank you to James Harden, who, with a 55-point night, allows Houston to win against Cleveland (110-116).

The Cavaliers, however, did not deserve, leading 108-107 more than a minute from the end, before giving in to the Rockets offensives, including a 3-point shot by James Harden, who put 10 in total ( on 18 attempts). He becomes the fourth player in NBA history to score at least 10 shots at 3 points in at least two career games.

"He's amazing," said Mike D'Antoni, the Rockets coach. "If it was the first time he did that, I would say," Wow, did you see that? ", But he's been at this level for years."

. Orlando-Lakers: Magic LeBron

It was a LeBron James in triple-double mode that brought the Lakers, winners of the Orlando Magic (87-96). LeBron scored 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists.

His teammate Anthony Davis also had a double-double (16 points and 12 rebounds), which secured a fifth win in a row for the Lakers, first in the Western Conference.

. Bucks-Pelicans: Without Giannis, Milwaukee goes on

Without their best player Giannis Antetokounmpo, who missed out on his first game of the season, the Milwaukee Bucks have done well, claiming victory over the New Orleans Pelicans (127-112).

Thanks to Eric Bledsoe (29 points) and Khris Middleton (24 points), the Milwaukee Bucks, first of the Eastern Conference, were able to clinch their 16th straight win, while the Pelicans went on to win their tenth straight loss.

. The Frenchies

Author of a double-double with 20 points and 16 rebounds, Rudy Gobert also offered 3 assists, contributing to the victory of the Utah Jazz against the Timberwolves of Minnesota (116-127).

In the defeat of the Magic against the Lakers, Evan Fournier scored 18 points, with an effectiveness of 7 out of 17 shots, including 3 out of 9 to 3 points. He also offered 5 assists and 2 rebounds.

In the match between the last two of each conference, the Knicks against the Warriors, Frank Ntilikina scored 2 points and offered 1 assist, the New York franchise winning 122-124 after extra time.

The results of the North American Basketball Championship (NBA) after the games played on Wednesday:

Milwaukee - New Orleans 127 - 112

Golden State - New York 122 - 124 ap

Brooklyn - Charlotte 108 - 113

Sacramento - Oklahoma City 94 - 93

Phoenix - Memphis 108 - 115

Chicago - Atlanta 136 - 102

Minnesota - Utah 116 - 127

Cleveland - Houston 110 - 116

Indiana - Boston 122 - 117

Orlando - LA Lakers 87 - 96

Toronto - LA Clippers 92 - 112

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