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Here, suspected perpetrators flee from shooting in Rågsved


Police are now leaving with a picture of two suspected perpetrators after the shooting in Rågsved two weeks ago, when two people were seriously injured. The police are interested in information about the people and the suspected getaway car, a dark car of a sedan model.

On Friday night, November 29, two people were found seriously injured in Rågsved in southern Stockholm. They had been traveling in a car that was being shelled, and their gunshot injuries were described as serious.

Now the police come out with a picture of two suspected perpetrators and appeal for tips. According to police, the photo was taken just after the shots were fired, and one of the persons is holding an object that police believe may be a gun.

Police are also interested in the suspected getaway car seen in the photo, a dark car of a sedan model with snow-covered windows.

- We are interested if there have been any people, vehicles, heard any sounds or any other observations that can be made in connection with the incident. We are also interested if any time before the crime has observed any car in the Rågsveds area, which agrees with the appearance of the flight car, says Mats Eriksson, press spokesman at the Stockholm Police.

May be links to other shootings

If the motive for the shooting says the police:

- We work unconditionally, but there may be links to previous shootings in the Stockholm area, says Mats Eriksson.

Two people are in custody.

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The shooting took place in Rågsved, in southern Stockholm. Photo: Pontus Altin

Source: svt

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