At 22, Tuesday evening, the Swedish Transport Administration decided to close two roads in western Jämtland. Both E 14 and Skalstugevägen were closed due to severe weather with strong winds and drifting. At 7 o'clock Wednesday morning, E14 was estimated to be navigable for traffic. The cottage house route is expected to open no earlier than 9 o'clock.

It has blown well during the night in large parts of the county. The toughest village winds in Sweden have been measured at SMHI's measuring station at Sylarna where there has been up to 38.6 seconds in the village wind. From Blåhammaren the highest average wind of the night is reported at 29.7 meters per second.

During Wednesday morning, the winds will subside and it is expected to blow 3-4 seconds in most parts of the county.