Runar Naess has been working with socialized wolves around the world since the mid-90s.

- Moving an adult, alone, wolf and putting it in a new fence is extremely stressful for the animal. This situation should be avoided. The wolf will do anything to get out.

The wolf that had escaped had just moved from Skåne to Orsa and was alone in its fence. In the afternoon the wolf was found and killed.

Zoo Manager Tomas Bälter does not believe that Orsa Predator Park could have acted differently:

- We know that animals are stressed by a move, but we trusted our fences to keep him inside. All fences are approved according to all the rules of art. There is no weirdness about it, says Tomas Bälter.

According to Runar Naess, it is not uncommon for wolves to move. Hear him tell us more in the clip above.

Did you know that similar events have happened before?

- Yes, we know, but not in our park. There is no wolf that escaped from that fence in our park. So then we think it is a safe fence.

But in hindsight, what should you do to prevent it from escaping?

- You may think that we should have done, but we have gone back and evaluated ourselves and in this situation we could not have done anything different from what we did, says Tomas Bälter.