Turin, football (Ansa archival photo)


11 December 2019Blitz of the Police against the ultrà grenades belonging to the 'Hooligans Torino': the men of the Digos are notifying the Daspo to all 75 members of the group, 71 of which have been denounced for various crimes such as aggravated private violence, brawl, violence and injuries against a public service officer. On the other hand, there are over 500 administrative sanctions applied for violation of the stadium regulations, for an amount exceeding 80 thousand euros.

The investigations have also brought to light the clash that has been going on for years between the Turin Hooligans and historical Marathon groups, the curve that has always been occupied by grenade fans.

The Ultràs are also accused of misrepresentation, harbor of instruments suitable to offend, ignition and smoke bomb launches. In addition to the Daspos, the policemen have notified a suspension order of the license to 3 public places that were habitually frequented by the members of Torino Hooligans.

Forty ultrà of Naples and Inter have been denounced by the Turin Digos for the clashes with the granata supporters in the investigation against the 'Torino Hooligans'. The provisions of Daspo are also being notified for all.

The Neapolitan supporters who became protagonists of the accidents after Turin-Naples on 6 October are 32, while the Interists are 8 and the facts date back to the meeting of 23 November last. Precisely in relation to the clashes that took place in the Spring corner on this last occasion, the men of the Digos of Turin - together with those of Mantua, Piacenza and Brescia - are performing 11 searches against the alleged perpetrators of the fight.