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"Now home, you have to make dinner!" The young man who burst last Monday in Santiago de Compostela feminist performance A rapist in your path was linked to New Generations of Santiago , an organization that has condemned his performance and reported that this Tuesday "he presented his automatic withdrawal."

Popular sources have moved to Europa Press that, after having knowledge of the fact, acted and talked with the young man, who no longer belongs to New Generations of Santiago. "He admitted that he was wrong and that he had to leave," they said.

Subsequently, in a statement, the youth organization linked to the PP emphasizes that the young man committed "an unacceptable act" and highlights his "condemnation" of any action "of a macho nature". "We have nothing to do with what happened yesterday," he remarks.

"We represent the defense of women, we condemn sexist violence and we fight to achieve equality between men and women. Any manifestation that goes against that does not represent us," he proclaimed.

Thus, the organization emphasizes that it wants to "make it clear that this person is not part of New Generations." "This morning he presented his automatic withdrawal from our training," he concluded.

'A rapist in your way'

The feminist action A rapist in your path , which began in the streets of Chile , has spread throughout the different countries and, within the framework of the actions taking place in Spain , on Monday there was a call in the Plaza del Obradoiro compostelana to Represent this performance .

Seconded by dozens of women, the performance concluded in Santiago with anger at the appearance of a young man who focused on the spotlight with an outburst. "Now home, you have to make dinner!" He shouted, causing a reaction of outrage among the people present in the square.

In fact, the participants in the performance answered the outburst of the man chanting the motto "be careful, macho, you are on our list!" . Finally, he had to leave the Plaza del Obradoiro unbelieved and shaken by other men who were present at the performance .

Controversy in social networks

What happened in the Plaza del Obradoiro has been the subject of controversy in social networks, where the young man who burst feminist action with the training directed by Alberto Núñez Feijóo has been linked.

"What does the PP of Galicia think about his militants dedicating themselves to boycotting feminist performances against sexist violence? He did it today in Compostela. We demand answers. Or with equality or with machismo, we must position ourselves," he challenged in his profile from Twitter the deputy Luca Chao (of the Common Group of Esquerda ).

Shortly after, New Generations of Santiago reported that man is no longer part of the organization and condemned what happened.

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