More than three months after the state elections in Saxony, the regional association approved a government with the Greens and the SPD. At a congress in Radebeul, only about 20 percent of the almost 240 delegates voted against the coalition agreement or abstained. Thus, the CDU is the first of the three parties for a black-red-green alliance, which represents a novelty there. Saxony would be the third state after Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg, which is governed by a so-called Kenya coalition.

At the Greens and the SPD in Saxony is still a member survey on the coalition agreement. The SPD wants on Monday to count the result and announce. Subsequently, the SPD state board will formally decide to join the coalition. The Green Party is still voting until Monday. The re-election and swearing-in of CDU Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer, as well as the presentation of the Cabinet are planned for December 20th.

Kretschmer defends compromises with Greens and SPD

At the party congress, the state chairman Kretschmer received applause from the delegates before the beginning of his speech. The Prime Minister campaigned for about 40 minutes for the treaty and voted the CDU members on the time together with Greens and SPD. In the coalition negotiations, according to Kretschmer, a lot of trust and mutual reliability has been created. "For me, this is a good starting point to join a government now for five years, even if the partners are very different," he said.

Kretschmer points out that the coalition agreement was clearly shaped by the CDU. At the same time, the head of government defended agreed compromises with the Greens and the SPD - such as the anonymised labeling requirement for a part of the Saxon police forces. Kretschmer assured that in future Saxony would no longer want to make the number of police posts dependent on orders of magnitude in the West. Saxony would also fight any form of extremism, he announced.

In the state election on September 1, the CDU with 32.1 percent of the vote had become the strongest force before the AfD (27.5 percent). Behind it ranked Left (10.4 percent), Greens (8.6 percent) and SPD (7 , 7Prozent). Since Kretschmer had excluded coalitions with AfD and Left, purely mathematically remained only a so-called Kenya alliance.