Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe have presented the "final rigging" of the pension reform Tuesday evening to the ministers and the tenors of the majorities. According to the information of Europe 1, the generations 75 and 85 - for the special diets - should switch first in the system by points.

"Studious atmosphere." On the ground floor of the Elysee, ministers, tenors of the majority and bosses of the parliamentary groups were installed Tuesday night around a large table. Four hours of dinner for an "ultimate rigging", before the presentation by Edward Philippe of the pension reform, scheduled for Wednesday at noon.

There was nothing to escape before his big oral presentation before the EESC, but two participants are formal: it is the generations 75, for the general system, and 85, for the special schemes, which should switch first in the system by points .


While the mobilizations continue everywhere in France, Edouard Philippe had already warned that there would be no "magic announcements" Wednesday. At dinner, the President and the Prime Minister appeared "serene", slips a guest. The executive couple detailed the measures that will be officially announced at noon. "Everything is now stopped," says a relative of the president.

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One of the elected officials wants to believe that with this rhythm of transition, it is possible to convince the reformist unions, CFDT and Unsa. A historical Macronist assures him: "This Wednesday, many French people will have answers to their questions."