In Noordwijk aan Zee there was another explosion in a residential area in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, whereby at least one home was damaged. It is the same street where a hand grenade was exploded in August of this year. A potential explosive has also been found at another location in Noordwijk aan Zee.

No one was injured in the explosion in the Noordwijk residential area. The police are on site to investigate.

Remarkably, the same scenario took place in August this year. At a house in a residential area of ​​Noordwijk aan Zee, a hand grenade exploded, causing a total of nine houses to be damaged. Even then nobody was injured.

At the time, a grenade was also found on the Grent. "It seems to be a targeted action," the police said at the time. Camera images of a suspect in that case have been distributed. It is not yet known whether the incidents of today are linked.