"Human rights raising wildly interfering with internal politics" Chinese senior officials condemned the US December 11th 14:46

Officials of Xi Jinping leadership of China is an international forum on the theme of human rights, which was opened in opposition to, such as the United States, On the United States human rights issues of Hong Kong and Uighurs, in mind that you are strengthening the pressure, the United States is what He strongly accused him of “violently interfering with internal politics with human rights”.

The Chinese government invites government officials from over 70 developing countries, mainly in Africa, to hold an international forum on the theme of human rights in Beijing. The Syrian Assad government and the current government of Venezuela are in conflict with the United States. Government officials also attended.

In this, 習近 yellow HitsujisaruAkira publicity director of the Communist Party in charge of propaganda in the flat leadership, the United States in imposing sanctions on "Hong Kong human rights law" was involved in human rights violations of that and Uighurs that was established Chinese officials "Uyghur human rights The bill, with the passage of the House of Representatives in mind, said, “One country has raised human rights and violently interfered with internal politics by striking the human rights of other countries. I was strongly accused.

On top of that, he said, “It was the greatest victory of human rights business in China that the people have escaped poverty and developed greatly under the guidance of the Communist Party,” emphasizing the unique position that economic development is to protect human rights. did.