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10 December 2019Lite furious between the leader of the M5S Giuliano Pacetti and the councilor of the M5S Simona Ficcardi in the antechamber of the mayor. Matter of contention: the question of waste. High tones and screams, coming to feel up to the Capitol's buvette, broke out between the two councilors during a majority summit held before the vote on the agenda on the subject of waste.

'' But the site has already been chosen and you already know it ... - explains Pacetti after Ficcardi left the room - From fourteen ... But she (the mayor ed) says I don't do it with the ordinance, I do it only with the approved waste plan and ask us to approve the odg (the one that commits the mayor to resort to the TAR against the regional order and not to make any landfill in the city ed) and she screams and she screams Simona Ficcardi ndr) ''.

But most sources deny everything. "No site was chosen - let us know - Among the four sites, despite the new waste plan, included in the map of the white areas of the Metropolitan City, there are also three sites in XI Municipio and one in XIV".

Pacetti, the reasons for the dispute
"No choice was made by the administration, we are awaiting the regional waste plan. Among the sites in the technical report there are also those defined as suitable areas in the document sent in December 2018 by the metropolitan city in the Region. To approve the waste plan in the Regional Council, as already said several times by the mayor, Rome will play its part and based on the indications of the document and the suitable areas will build the plants necessary for the closure of the waste cycle ". The head of the M5S in Campidoglio, Gianluca Pacetti, said this on the sidelines of the work of the extraordinary Capitoline Assembly on the subject of waste, specifying the contents of the dispute with the pentastellata councilor Simona Ficcardi.

Landfill by tomorrow or commissioner
The Capitol will have time until midnight tomorrow to indicate where to locate one or more service dumps, as required by the ordinance of the Lazio Region of 27 November last. In the event of non-compliance, from Thursday 12 December the Region will be able to trigger the subrogation powers and appoint a commissioner to identify one or more sites among those identified by the technical table composed of Campidoglio, Metropolitan City of Rome and the Lazio Region. Today the Capitolina Assembly unanimously voted for an agenda authorizing the mayor Virginia Raggi to appeal to the TAR against the order. The governor Nicola Zingaretti, as far as filtering, in the absence of an answer to the order from the Capitol by tomorrow evening would still wait a few days to reflect on what to do. If subrogation powers are taken, the profile sought as commissioner would be that of an independent technician in the sector.