“The last work week this year will be two days — Monday, December 30, and Tuesday, December 31,” Interfax quotes him.

Along with this, he pointed out that the New Year holidays will end on January 8, 2020, and already on January 9 the Russians will have to go to work. However, the 9th day falls on Thursday, so after the holidays people are also "waiting for a two-day work week."

As Shklovets added, if the employer suddenly wants to make December 31 a day off, then he will need to prepare an appropriate order, as well as solve the issue of wages on this day.

Earlier in Rostrud they said that the New Year holidays can be extended by adding a whole vacation or part of it to them, subject to several conditions. As recalled in the department, in accordance with Art. 122 TC, the employee can take the first vacation after six months of continuous work with one employer. You can go into it earlier - by agreement of the parties.

In November, expert Alexander Safonov, in an interview with URA.RU, praised the initiative to declare December 31 a day off, noting that such an innovation for Russia is fraught with new socio-economic problems.