Former President Obama video message calling for international contributions December 10 16:59

The Foundation that supports the activities of young entrepreneurs and researchers founded by former President Obama in the United States held an exchange meeting in Malaysia that gathered about 200 people including entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region. Through this, we invited participants to contribute to the international community.

This exchange meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital by the foundation established by US President Obama on the 10th. About 200 entrepreneurs from 33 countries and regions, including Japan, were selected from the Asia-Pacific region by the foundation. People participated.

At the beginning, former President Obama called on participants to “contribute to the international community now” through a video message.

After that, the founder of a Taiwanese company that handles the recycling business that uses trash as a raw material for international processing gave a presentation as a lecturer. “Societies will grow more if human creative ideas and technologies are combined, "It will be profitable" and appealed to work on projects that lead to social development.

Four Japanese people participated in the exchange meeting, and Kazumi Shirahata, who commercialized human resource development programs for people who are socially vulnerable in Malaysia and Japan, said, “I can talk individually about what I want to do. The environment is also provided, so it is very stimulating. "

The exchange meeting will be held until the 14th, and President Obama will also be on stage as a lecturer.