• Ponte di Genova: broken sensors from 2015, were severed during work


10 December 2019From this morning the military of the 1st Group of the Guardia di Finanza of Genoa, delegated by the local Public Prosecutor's Office, are carrying out searches and seizures at the offices of Autostrade per l'Italia, Spea Engineering Spa and Pavimental Spa.

The activity, coordinated by the Prosecutor's Office of Genoa, stems from the examination of the huge documentation seized in the context of the criminal proceeding concerning the collapse of the Ponte Morandi.

"Surveys have emerged - read in a note of the Gdf - as evidence of criticalities on the safety of the" Integautos "model integrated barriers, with specific reference to those of the first motorway section, where some claims were also recorded".

The military is looking for technical documents, such as projects, calculation reports, tests and approval of materials and administrative-accounting, such as economic and contractual framework.