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The deputy LREM of Marseille Saïd Ahamada, who had declared a candidate for mayor of Marseille, announced Tuesday to AFP that he supported Yvon Berland, designated Monday night as LREM candidate in the city Phocaean.

"I made the decision to support Yvon Berland, we must gather and I will do everything to reach a rally," to "create momentum and win," said Mr. Ahamada. Assuring that he has "negotiated nothing with Mr. Berland", he says he does not rule out running as one of the eight sectors in Marseille.

Saying "personally disappointed" at not having been invested by his party's national investiture commission, Mr. Ahamada had launched in mid-November at the age of 47 in the mayoral race without waiting for the decision of the commission, ensuring then that he would be a candidate "whatever happens".

"Today, we are at the rally, I call for a maximum of people who want to bring a stone to the building join us," he said Tuesday, ensuring not wanting to be "the gravedigger of Marseille ".

Son of Comorian immigrant who grew up in a sensitive area of ​​Marseille, the city Felix-Pyat (3rd), Saïd Ahamada, invested as a deputy in particular in the politics of the city and environment, intends to campaign on "a ecological project for Marseille "and" reconcile the Marseillais between them ".

Elected Deputy of the northern neighborhoods of Marseille in 2017, Saïd Ahamada was the first to declare himself a candidate for the inauguration of LREM for mayoralty on June 8, followed by Yvon Berland, former president of Aix-Marseille University, on July 18 .

Last week, the Dean of Aix-en-Provence law school Jean-Philippe Agresti also entered the race asking for the support of LREM.

"We need them, the collective intelligence will allow us to get there," Yvon Berland reacted early Tuesday in an interview published in Provence, about Mr. Agresti and Mr. Ahamada. This doctor by profession has kept from triumphalism: "everyone says congratulations to me, congratulations, but I have not won anything".

Novice in politics, at age 68, Mr. Berland assured in Provence: "We, we represent something new.The voters will be tempted to try"

It places at the top of its priorities "housing", "security", "cleanliness", "mobility", with the school as a red thread. "I'm told that we must make the people of Marseilles dream, their dream is to live in a normal way," he says.

Among the candidates to succeed Jean-Claude Gaudin during the municipal elections of March 15 and 22 in Marseille include Senator RN Stéphane Ravier, LR Chair of the department Martine Vassal, Sébastien Barles for EELV or the ex-PS Senator Samia Ghali.

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