United Nations General Assembly adopts a ceasefire resolution during the Paralympic Tokyo Olympics December 10th, 5:53


During the next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games, a resolution calling for a truce for conflict, etc. will be adopted by the United Nations General Assembly for all UN member states, and a message of peace and harmony is expected to reach the world.

This resolution was adopted in the previous year of the Olympics since it was adopted in 1993 for the well-known Lillehammer Olympics following the intensification of the former Yugoslav civil war.

The resolution for the Tokyo Olympic Games was jointly proposed by 186 of the 193 member countries of the United Nations, including Japan and Syria, where the civil war continued, and the Paralympic Games closed to all member countries from the 7th day before the Olympics began Until 7 days later.

At the United Nations General Assembly on the 9th, President Yoshiro Mori of Tokyo Organizing Committee made a speech prior to the vote, “The international situation is becoming increasingly severe, and the small country is always the victim of the conflict between the major powers. Here again the world "I want to believe in the vision of the Tokyo Games that sports have the power to change the world and the future".

In addition, President Bach of the IOC = International Olympic Committee introduced that medals are made of recycled metal and that the largest number of female players will participate, “The Tokyo Games are sustainable and everyone can participate. It will boost society, ”emphasizing the significance of the convention.

The truce resolution will be adopted unanimously in the subsequent voting, and it is expected that a message of peace and harmony will reach the world.