The US President Trump sent warnings directly to North Korea. Kim Jong-un said he could lose everything if he acted hostilely.

The news came from correspondent Jeong Jun-hyung from Washington.


President Trump's tweet came 14 hours after North Korea claimed it did a major test.

"Kim Jong-un warned that virtually everything would be lost if he acted in a hostile manner."

Hostile behavior seems to refer to the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile test or a nuclear test.

President Trump has boasted of his diplomatic achievements that North Korea has stopped both.

[Trump / U.S. President (August)] There has been no nuclear test by North Korea. The missile test was short-range and there was no long-range missile test.]

President Trump also said, "Kim does not want to nullify any special relationship or intervene in the US presidential election next year."

It appears that North Korea has sent a strong warning to Kim that the US will not resume a long-range missile and nuclear test, and that his re-election will not be threatened.

The level is much higher than North Korea said it would surprise if it acted hostilely the day before.

White House National Security Advisor O'Brien has repeatedly warned that Kim has many means to respond if he fails to meet his denuclearization promises.

(Video coverage: Park Eunha, Video editing: Jung Yonghwa)