The emergency services took three wet, supercooled men from a train in Venlo on Monday morning. Because one of the men had fainted from the cold, dangerous substances were feared. However, this fear turned out to be unfounded after measurements by the fire department.

The three men were heavily supercooled. They were transported to the hospital by ambulance, a fire service spokesperson told, but they are not in danger of death.

The three would have boarded the train in Eindhoven or Weert with soaking wet clothes. One of the men would have gone into the water there and the other two would have dived into the water to save him. It is unclear how the first man ended up in the water.

The men had no identity papers and do not speak Dutch, says a spokesman. This makes their identity difficult to determine. They would have made a confused impression.

Police have many questions and are investigating incident

The Noord-Limburg police are investigating the incident. "We still have many questions," says a spokesman. "How did they get that wet suit? Has there been any form of coercion?"

It is not clear when the police can talk to the three men; Currently, medical care has priority for the three. According to ProRail, train traffic around Venlo was delayed by the intervention of the fire brigade.

Venlo station> Several people unwell in train 3530> Emergency services are on site> Train is occupying a track which causes some delay.

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