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Sanna Marin, the youngest prime minister in the history of Finland


Ambitious and charismatic woman, the social democrat Sanna Marin has had a brilliant political career that will culminate this week when, despite her short experience, she is appointed

  • Finland: Finnish Prime Minister after losing the support of his liberal partners

Ambitious and charismatic woman, the social democrat Sanna Marin has had a brilliant political career that will culminate this week when, despite her short experience, the youngest prime minister in the history of Finland is appointed at her 34 years.

After just six months in the Helsinki Executive, where he occupied the Transport and Communications portfolio, Marin was the first person to run to succeed Antti Rinne at the Headquarters of the Government, who was forced to resign last Tuesday after losing the trust of its members of the liberal center.

The ultimatum of the centrists, who threatened to support a motion of censorship of the opposition if Rinne did not immediately resign, forced the Social Democratic Party (SDP) to elect a new prime minister candidate to save the center-left coalition and avoid early elections .

The person chosen by the SDP was Marin, who in a close vote was imposed by 32 votes against 29 to his only rival, the Social Democratic parliamentary spokesman, Antti Lindtman.

The young politician, who also occupies the vice president of the SDP, represents the most progressive and environmentalist wing of the party, so analysts predict a slight turn to the left for the three and a half years remaining in the legislature.

"I come from a family with few resources and I would not have had the chance to succeed and progress if we did not have a solid state of well-being and a good educational system," he said in an interview with a local media.

A convinced feminist and defender of the rights of sexual minorities, she grew up in a family formed by her lesbian mother and her partner decades before Finnish law recognized gay marriage.

"I am from a homoparental family and that has undoubtedly conditioned me so that equality, parity and human rights are very important for me," he said.

Born in 1985 in Helsinki, as a child she moved with her family to Tampere, the third city in Finland, where she graduated in Public Administration.

A member of the Social Democratic youth from a young age, his political career jumped in 2010, when he joined the SDP national committee despite his limited experience.

In 2012 she was elected councilor of the municipality of Tampere and in 2015, with 29 years, she got her first seat in the Eduskunta (Finnish Parliament), although the SDP recorded the worst results in its history (16.5% of the votes).

His mix of firmness, sympathy and charisma allowed him to move up in the SDP organization chart until he reached the vice presidency of the party in 2017, then led by former unionist Antti Rinne.

At the beginning of the electoral campaign last April, with Rinne convalescing a serious illness, Marin firmly took the reins of the SDP until the Social Democratic leader fully recovered.

In those elections, the SDP won an agonizing victory over the right-wing True Finnish party, which was imposed by just 7,000 votes, in the first social-democratic victory of the last two decades.

The rise of the extreme right complicated the formation of a Government with a parliamentary majority, a situation that was finally resolved with the creation of a center-left coalition of five parties.

However, the coalition lasted just six months together, until the Liberals of the Center Party withdrew their trust to Prime Minister Antti Rinne and demanded his resignation, which left the way to the Headquarters of the Government to Sanna Marin.

Now its main task, in addition to directing the Executive, will be to try to recover the popular support that the SDP has lost during these six months of Government and curb the rise of True Finns, whom the polls currently place as the first force of the Nordic country.

In addition, you must make your work compatible with the care of a child who will turn two next month.

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