Housing prices in Sörmland have risen by about four per cent in the last year on both villas and tenant-owned apartments. But prices have fallen in the last three months.

Large reduction in Oxelösund

Housing prices have fallen by half a percent and house prices have fallen by just over one percent.

The housing rights in Oxelösund account for the largest reduction in Sörmland. The average price for a condominium there is just under SEK 700,000, which is a 37 per cent decrease over the past three months.

But despite the decline, tenant-owner prices in Oxelösund have increased by over 14 percent in the past year. The municipality also has the largest price trend for villas in the last year, with an increase of 26 percent.

Most expensive in Trosa

Sörmland's most expensive housing is in Trosa. There you can pay an average of 3.7 million for a villa and 2.1 million for a condominium.

The cheapest housing can be found in Vingåker, where a condominium costs around SEK 360,000 and a villa just under SEK 1.5 million.