At cash dispensers from the Rabobank in Tubbergen in Overijssel and Baarlo in Limburg, the squatters were committed in the night from Sunday to Monday. The police said earlier that other banks could become victims, after ABN AMRO closed 470 ATMs in early December.

The crash in Baarlo took place around 4.45 am at the Napoleonsbaan Zuid. The damage to the property is great. The Explosives Clearance Service Defense (EOD) is investigating whether there is more explosive material and the environment has been deposited.

At De Eendracht in Tubbergen around 3:30 pm an attempt was made to plunder. The EOD has investigated whether another explosive was left in the machine, but this was not the case. The area is still fenced off for trace research.

In 2019, so far some seventy squatters have been hit, of which fifty were aimed at a certain type of ABN AMRO machine.

The other banks said at the beginning of December that they are not taking additional security measures. They are, however, in constant dialogue with various parties, including municipalities and the police.

Around 3.30 a squatters took place at an ATM in a separate issuing unit behind the Rabobank building in #Tubbergen on De Eendracht. At present, the environment has been deposited for research by, among others, the EOD. ^ cw

Avatar AuthorPOL_OverijsselMoment of places03: 38 - December 9, 2019