Paris (AFP)

The number of passengers transported in November by the Air France-KLM group increased by 1.3% compared to the same period a year ago, with an increase in long-haul traffic of 4.8%, according to a press release. published on Monday.

In all, the three companies of the group, Air France, KLM and their low-cost Transavia, carried 7.7 million passengers.

On the short and medium-haul, traffic of the group is up 0.9%, excluding Transavia and expressed in passengers transported by the kilometer traveled (PKT), the benchmark index of the air transport sector.

Long-haul traffic is driven by the North America (+ 5.2% in PKT), Latin America (+ 4.1%), Asia (+ 4.9%) and Caribbean-Indian Ocean ( + 7.4%). In Africa and the Middle East, it increased by 2.6%.

The activity of the low-cost Transavia is down 1.6% with 900,000 passengers carried.

The cargo business is also down with -3.4% in tonne-kilometers transported (TKT).

In detail, Air France carried 4.099 million passengers in November (+ 1.2%) and KLM 2.745 million (+ 2%).

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