Aegis shore deployment No reconsideration without problems in re-investigation Executive meeting December 9 15:43

Regarding the deployment plan for the new interceptor missile system “Aegis Ashore”, there was no objection to the opinion of the expert meeting that there was no problem in the reexamination conducted in Yamaguchi Prefecture at the executive meeting of the Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of Defense will explain the results of the review to the local community starting next week, and ask them to understand the deployment again.

The Ministry of Defense conducted a review of the Aegis Ashore deployment plan due to a series of mistakes in the survey data related to the candidate locations, and an external expert meeting was held in Sakai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, which was designated as one of the candidate sites Regarding the re-investigation of the Self-Defense Forces Exercise Area, we have compiled the view that there are no problems.

Under these circumstances, the Ministry of Defense, on the 9th, deputy Minister of Defense Yamamoto discussed the response, but there was no noticeable objection to the opinion of the external expert meeting.

In response, the Ministry of Defense will sequentially explain the results of the re-investigation to Yamaguchi Prefecture and local residents from 17th of next week, and ask for further understanding of the deployment.