Monday's 8 o'clock news begins with a story about North Korea, which has not recently moved much. The North said yesterday that it did a very serious test at the Dongchang-ri test site, and it was analyzed that it was testing a new rocket engine. Strong flames and traces of exhaust gases have been identified by satellite images. As a result, our military authorities were still cautious while we were doing a thorough analysis.

First news, I'm Tae-hoon Kim, a defense journalist.


This is a satellite image of Dongchang-ri Engine Test Site unveiled by American missile expert Jeffrey Lewis.

At 2:25 pm yesterday before the test, the concrete flame screen was rugged on the right side, but at 11:25 am yesterday, sand and dust scattered out smoothly.

The aftermath of the powerful exhaust gas followed by the flame affected the flame out.

Jeffrey Lewis said, "North Korea may have tested a rocket engine."

At this time, it is more likely that several existing Baekdu engines that are liquid rather than new solid engines have been tied up to improve propulsion.

Improved engine performance will allow you to load heavier satellites or fly ICBMs, or intercontinental ballistic missiles, further.

[Shin Jong-Woo / Senior Analyst, Korea Defense Security Forum: The final launch of a satellite launch vehicle or intercontinental ballistic missile is the difference between a satellite or a nuclear warhead, but the propulsion system of the engine is the same.]

Japanese media also quoted the Self-Defense Forces officials as a test to extend the range of the ICBM.

Our military is still cautious.

[CEO Hyun-Soo Choi / DOD Spokesman: Please understand that we cannot confirm the specific information on North Korea because it is under in-depth analysis.]

North Korea is likely to press the US by launching a long-range rocket, saying it is for satellite launching, instead of launching an ICBM.

(Video coverage: Kim Seong-il, Image editing: Oh No-young)

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