Since the advent of fashion, the female body has been dissected and turned into a commodity to promote new female sales metrics, but this era is about to end. Advocacy for women has led to the emergence of comprehensive brands such as "Third Love" and "Savage X Venti" that are reshaping the concept of gravity.

In a report published by the American "Big Think" website, the author, Molly Hansen, said that the announcement of the end of the era of the "Victoria's Secret" fashion show had raised the minds of women supporters on social media.

Beginning of the end to define the term "exciting"
According to Victoria's mother company, All Brands, the show, which is famous for its supermodel display of gemmed underpants, narrow bras and giant wings of angels, has been canceled. This may also be the beginning of the end for the old definition of "exciting".

It is reported that this show started in 1995 as a marketing force with more than 12 million people participating in the exhibition at that time.

But viewers have retreated over the past five years, with viewership only 3.3 million in 2018. The decrease in viewership reflects the recent failure in company sales.

Although Victoria's Secret is still the leading brand in American lingerie, its market share decreased between 2016 and 2018 from 33% to 24% in the United States, and retail sales fell 7% during the last quarter compared to the same period last year According to the author.

Advocacy for women has led to brands reshaping the concept of gravity (Getty Images)

Lesley and Kessner CEO indicated that the company is trying to focus on digital marketing. However, the shift in viewer’s favorite content platforms may not be the biggest cause of the brand’s decline, but rather its failure to keep pace with social transformations that have changed the essence of what Victoria’s Secret is promoting as “exciting.”

Over the past few years, a feminist wave has shaken old marketing methods. The “#Im I too” movement has canceled inappropriate offers and has made changes calling for the body’s acceptance to be outside the restrictive standards set by fashion organizations. But Victoria's Secret remains late in this new era.

There was a terrible interview for "Vogue" with underwear designers Ed Razik and Monica Metro, during which Razik said that no one wanted overweight models.

Change the concept of excitement
Victoria's Secret was basically a men's-built lingerie store providing products for women. As for the female image, it has been promoted in the same way over the past twenty-four years, when women are extremely slim, tall, and traditionally beautiful.

The writer stated that feminist demands have created positive body brands like "Third Love" and "Universal Studios" in large sizes. But Rihanna is the only artist who successfully challenged Victoria's Secret through her trademark Savage X Venti.

The Savage X Venti premiered in New York City in 2018 and garnered remarkable feedback, offering wild, assertive femininity.

During the show, pregnant and disabled models walked in with light underwear on the platform, along with famous models. Rihanna told the New York Times that the idea was to mix traditional styles, expressing her hope that it would represent the future of fashion.

The "sexy" has become a celebration of the limitless femininity, it is available to any woman and every body (Getty Images)

Not to convert a woman's body into a commodity
Since the appearance of the fashion industry, the female body has been promoted to ideal standards. In the 1920s, for example, the ideal waist was small and the thighs thick.

In the 1980s, the ideal woman had long legs and a muscular body. At the start of the millennium, weak and elated women dominated the idyllic. More recently, models are required to strive for perfection.

Finally, we are seeing the exclusion of those groups that decide what physical body shapes are. Victoria's Secret and her low financial standing is an indication of a changing understanding of the term "sexy" in his relationship to the female body. Victoria's Secret has gambled on the old marketing style of selling women "as an ideal body," according to the author.

Delightful responses to the Savage X Venti show and other comprehensive body shapes brands tell us something will happen. The "sexy" has become a celebration of limitless femininity, available to any woman and every body.