Augsburg (dpa) - Numerous emergency vehicles of the fire brigade on Sunday morning, the Augsburg Königsplatz. What seems like a major mission is actually a funeral meeting.

Dozens of professional firefighters are silently gathering around a tree reminiscent of a colleague with candles, roses and a wreath. Late on Friday evening, the 49-year-old firefighter had been killed in a dispute with a group of young men at the central Augsburg Square. The perpetrator was still on the run on Sunday.

At the scene, a lantern reminds of the victim. "We're with you," says the glass, and continues: "Your friends from the Augsburg Fire Brigade." On a note reads: «As Savior come & As angel gone. RIP »The firefighters in their uniforms are silently watching the glowing grave lights and the red and white flowers.

Even Friedhelm Bechtel, a long-time spokesman for the professional fire brigade, does not feel like talking. "We're mourning, we're in it emotionally," he says. On Saturday, the sad news had spread to the weirs in the Augsburg area. The volunteer fire department in the suburb of Neusäß provided its own Facebook page with a funeral background. Augsburg Mayor Kurt Gribl (CSU) also informed the citizens via Facebook: "Grief makes my heart difficult. Augsburg has become the scene of a momentous act of violence, »writes the Town Hall Chief.

According to the investigation so far, two friendly couples at Königsplatz had quarreled with a seven-member group of young men at around 10:40 pm on Friday. The two husbands were beaten against the head. Although the alarmed patrolmen immediately directed first aid, the 49-year-old died about 50 minutes after the fatal blow on the spot in the ambulance. His 50 year old friend was massively injured in the face. The wives remained physically intact. Because of the shock but could not be questioned the wife of the deceased fireman initially.

The group with the unknown perpetrators should have run after the blows from the scene in the direction of the main station. The Königsplatz, called "Kö", is passed by tens of thousands of people every day. It is the central interchange station for public transport in Augsburg, where trams from different directions meet.

The "Kö" has long been a crime focus in Bavaria's third largest city. After the number of crimes there had increased massively in recent years and on average at least one deed was registered every day, launched just under a year ago a video surveillance. Dozens of cameras now record what's happening there. "This area will be video-monitored for your safety," the Augsburg police headquarters informed the citizens with signs.

Now the Kripo tries to clear up the crime with the records. On Saturday, a 20-member investigation team was formed. "Investigators are currently concentrating on obtaining and evaluating footage of the crime scene," the police said. Whether with the help of video recordings can be published mug shots, was still unclear on Sunday.

According to the police, the two couples had come from the Augsburg Christkindlesmarkt on Friday evening. On the Christmas market, which is only a few hundred meters away, with about 100 stalls, the crime on Saturday was initially not an issue, as the vendors reported at several booths. It was not until Sunday that there was talk here and there.

"This has nothing to do with the Christmas market," says one visitor on Sunday. Others also doubt that the attacked couples went to the scene every night directly from the Christmas market. Because the market closed one hour before, they say. The special commission of the Kriminalpolizei will examine now also these temporal procedures exactly.

Communication from the police