According to the expert, what the IMF does is “maintains a coma, but does not save the economy” of the country.

“Examples of many countries speak of this,” said Dudchak.

He expressed the opinion that loans of the International Monetary Fund could be one of the reasons for the aggravation of the development of the Ukrainian economy.

At the same time, the economist emphasized that if the IMF does not support the Ukrainian side, then loans can increase in price, borrowing can become “too expensive, and ratings will change”, which will signal international investors.

“The fact that they say that they are interested in economic growth and development is still connected with the debt restructuring that was carried out under Poroshenko. Any growth (of economy - RT ) that will be there, although more or less noticeable - it will still go into the pocket of external creditors, ”the expert concluded.

Earlier, the IMF and Ukraine agreed on new assistance for $ 5.5 billion.

The head of the IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, noted the readiness of the fund to support the political program of the Ukrainian authorities, whose goal is to bring the country's economy onto the path of "higher, sustainable and comprehensive growth."