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Michel Mayor, co-discoverer of the exo-planets, on December 8, 2019 during his "Nobel reading" in Stockholm. Jonas EKSTROMER / TT NEWS AGENCY / AFP

Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, the 2019 Nobel Laureates are bending for some to a very important exercise: the Nobel reading, intended for the general public, during which the laureates explain their discovery. Nobel Prize in physics, the Swiss Michel Mayor, who co-discovered with Didier Queloz the first planet orbiting a star outside our solar system, gave a lecture at Stockholm University this December 8th.

With our correspondent in Stockholm, Frédéric Faux

The Nobel reading has something grandiose. The most prominent scientists of our time follow one another in the amphitheater of Stockholm University, Sweden. Among them, the Swiss Michel Mayor, co-discoverer of the first exoplanet.

" I knew the Nobel readings in literature ," he says. There are some that are famous, like that of Camus for example. This is the kind of experience where you have to take a step back to present, in a comprehensible way, what you've done . "

Public of passionate

All the winners will receive their Nobel Prize on December 10th from the hands of the King of Sweden. In the stands, students or enthusiasts came to hear the story of these great discoveries. It is often the inhabitants of Stockholm, regulars, who would miss this appointment for nothing in the world. But they sometimes come from farther.

" My name is Sofie, I'm 19 years old and I come from Germany ," explains one of them. We heard about these Nobel readings and we decided to come. For me, it's really the biggest science event of the year. I always look who the Nobel laureates are and yes, I think it's really interesting . "

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