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The Brexit Party, on the edge of the shipwreck


The Nigel Farage Brexit Party threatens to jump through the air in the final stretch of the December 12 elections and facilitate a broad victory for the Conservative Party

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The Nigel Farage Brexit Party threatens to jump through the air in the final stretch of the December 12 elections and facilitate a broad victory for the Boris Johnson Conservative Party. The sudden absence of Farage in a rally on Friday, after the escape to the tories of four of his MEPs, has triggered the fear of a similar implosion suffered by the Party of Independence of the United Kingdom (Ukip) , which disappeared from the map after winning the European elections for the great internal divisions and the struggles of egos.

The founder of the Brexit Party, Catherine Blaiklock, who ceded the leadership on a plate to Nigel Farage in January this year , has asked the populist politician to recognize that he withdraws his 274 candidates and recognizes that "the political situation has changed." He openly criticized Farage's strategy, which has already decided to withdraw 320 candidates, claiming that its objective should have been to concentrate on 20 or 30 electoral districts and strictly compete "Labor ground."

"Presenting ourselves in districts where the Tories have the option of winning, will only serve to divide the vote in favor of the exit of the EU and leave the path free for candidates in favor of permanence," said the founder of the Brexit Party. Farage has not responded directly to Blaiklock's words, nor to that of his former Ukip partner, Arron Banks, who has also asked for the mass withdrawal of his candidates. The leader of the Brexit Party, which promised them very happy after winning the European elections in May, has witnessed the sinking in record time of his political force , relegated to 3% in the latest polls.

This same week, four MEPs decided to jump out of the boat smelling the wreck. Among them, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, sister of the conservative spokesman Jacob Rees-Mogg, who proclaimed at the time of the defection: " We need a government that complies with Brexit that voted 17.4 million Britons and conservatives are the only option ". Beside him appeared Lance Forman, Lucy Harrus and John Longworth, former director of the Leave Means Leave campaign and old ally of Farage, who forced his expulsion for "disloyalty" to the party

Conceived as a political start-up , the Brexit Party took off brilliantly in just two months , to the socaire of the failed Theresa May agreement and taking advantage of divisions among conservatives. The new political force was nourished by tories of the hard wing and former Ukip militants, who transferred the same problems to the new party.

Farage, who led the Ukip intermittently from 2006 to 2009 and from 2020 to 2016, decided to re-exercise personalist leadership. His decision not to stand for the 12D general elections (weighed down by his previous seven failed attempts) however caused some stupefaction among his followers. In the first stages of the campaign, and despite having announced his intention to compete throughout the British geography, Farage was forced to withdraw more than half of the candidates due to pressure from the Conservative Party and its own donors.

As a leader and MEP, Farage has however traveled the country and has had notable problems filling the capacity, in contrast to the European campaign. His message of a "clean break" or "no deal" with the European Union has not penetrated the voters , against the agreement offered by Boris Johnson and his promise to complete Brexit on January 31 if he achieves a parliamentary majority.

"Johnson has turned the Conservative Party into the true Brexit Party , " says analyst John Curtice. "Their ability to concentrate the vote in favor of the EU's exit has been the key to staying high in the polls, while Farage has dropped from 13% to 3% in the polls and has been pushed out to the margins."

Curtice does not, however, put his hand in the fire before the possible withdrawal of the Brexit Party , which would give Johnson the decisive push to demarcate from the Labor Party and achieve the desired absolute majority (from nine to 12 points ahead according to the latest polls) .

On Saturday, amid growing pressures to clear the road, Farage received the unconditional support of one of his most radical and controversial MEPs, former conservative Ann Widdecombe: " This man has been enduring the pressures, attacks and attacks for 25 years. mocking the press . He has managed to get ahead in very adverse circumstances and is doing well. I've seen him a few hours ago and he's full of vigor and looking forward to moving forward.

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