Berlin (dpa) - The SPD wants to prepare for the announced talks with the Union about the future course of the coalition. Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) announced that he wanted to achieve a reform of the Hartz IV system.

The position of the Social Democrats for the further development of the welfare state wants to determine the SPD party congress today in Berlin, as Heil said the German press agency in Berlin. «We will talk with the coalition partner about these positions. I want to know what the Union has for its own ideas. »

The new SPD leader Saskia Esken expects central redefinitions of the social democratic program. "Important programmatic clarifications of the SPD are now pending," said Esken on Friday evening on the sidelines of the convention. In social policy, the board proposes, inter alia, replace Hartz IV by a citizen's money. For those affected relief should be created - such as when checking assets and housing size and sanctions.

In view of the announcement by the SPD that the coalition wants to enforce its own goals, Esken also expects counter-proposals from the Union. "I've heard of a business tax reform that you have to talk about," she said. "We'll let that happen."

On Friday, the party congress Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans had elected to the new SPD chairman. The delegates also endorsed the Board's intention to include in the coalition, among other things, higher government investment and a higher carbon price. Otherwise, the board should decide on an exit from the coalition. Esken announced that talks with the Union should begin before Christmas.

Heil said that with the development of the welfare state, the government had long since begun at the instigation of the SPD. He pointed to the social labor market, with tens of thousands of publicly funded jobs for the long-term unemployed, created since the beginning of the year. Now there is a new situation. At the beginning of November, the Federal Constitutional Court ruled against tough sanctions for Hartz IV recipients. "This is an opportunity to make the entire system more citizen-friendly and to reform in this coalition."

Heil said: "I do not want a standstill in this coalition. We have a lot in mind. "Germany could not afford to stand still. What the SPD in the coalition can not do, "that will then be the subject of the election dispute 2021".

He expects unity in the party. "All who now bear responsibility for their responsibility for the party and the responsibility of the party for the country."

Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Stephan Weil also called for his party to be united. "Self-employment must come to an end, and it must become clear that we are dealing with citizens' problems instead," he told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (Saturday). "The new leadership has my support."

Esken and Walter Borjans want to nominate themselves for the future SPD chancellor candidates. The former NRW finance minister said in an interview with RTL / n-tv, he finds that the chairpersons "must have the right to propose who is eligible for a chancellor candidate".

The President of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), Eric Schweitzer, opposed the SPD course new borrowing for more public investment, as he said the Dusseldorf "Rheinische Post". The president of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research, Clemens Fuest, commented similarly. He also told the newspaper that raising the minimum wage to twelve euros - a key position for the new SPD leadership - would increase labor costs by as much as 30 percent for millions of jobs, jeopardizing jobs.

The left-wing leader Bernd Riexinger warned the SPD against a continuation of the previous policy of the grand coalition. "It would be a step forward if there was a clear left-wing perspective, with a left-wing SPD," Riexinger told the Funke Media Group (Saturday).

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