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SPD: It will end with a whimper


In the phlegm that shows the SPD at the party congress, it will not renew itself to decisiveness. The furor against the Groko is evaporated without leaving a trace.

Were the 15 pages dipped in Softlan? Was it due to an overdose of Flora Soft for breakfast? Or was there too much soft cheese in the deliberations on the lead application in the governing bodies? There are things that are difficult to clarify in retrospect, but when the lead application for the SPD party conference between the former party establishment and the new double top negotiated, presented and adopted by the approximately 650 delegates, one was astonished not bad: So The Social Democratic world has not yet seen diaper-like "hard conditions".

What was concrete before was now spongy. What has been demanded has now been proposed. "Renegotiations" were now called "discussions". And what looked like a straight red line, which was better not to be crossed, was now an indefinable area, in which one may henceforth roam a bit.

12 euros minimum wage, 500 billion euros investment in 10 years, effective improvements in climate protection? Dissolved in the approximate. Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans? Enclosed by the Groko advocates. The anti-groko furor that has carried the two outsiders to the top of the SPD? Without leaving a residue it evaporates in the wide halls of the Berlin CityCube. And the Jusos who have unleashed this fury like no one else? Lammfromm, cruciform and enthusiastically clapping when her hero Kevin Kühnert warns of the big bang, the immediate exit from the grand coalition. The children are eating their revolution.

What's next? A little bit cynically, one might ask: will the Union fulfill the conditions that the SPD has not set at its congress? The answer is not as easy as one might expect. For not only the SPD must nurture the illusion that they have thrown the Union social democratic impositions in front of the Konrad Adenauer House, in which a decided "no farther so!" - the Union has to Because she too is under profiling pressure. Lousy election and survey results push them to what they like to call "clear edge", as well as the constant mumbo-jumbo at their base, the sozis have already come too far anyway. CDU and CSU must therefore first reject rejected, what they could wave through reasonably casual.

Until the profiling pressure becomes independent

However, there is a real danger in this illusion battle. Both sides could argue about these imaginary impositions until the illusion of a fight becomes more real. The Groko would not fail because of the conditions of the SPD, but because of a profiling pressure that would become independent.

A groko-off accidentally.

But more likely is something else. From the talks, which must not be called negotiations, the SPD comes out with little current, but a lot of future. The € 12 minimum wage and the € 500 billion investment will be missing as well as the major improvements in climate protection, but a little here and a little there will be already. Although the to-do list of the Groko will not be significantly larger, the ammunition store for the 2021 election campaign will be significantly fuller. We have identified the deficits - and turn it into a powerful campaign: With this promise Esken and Walter Borjans, who are already merged by name to Eskabo, would step in front of their followers. And the many others in the SPD. The only question then is: when does this election campaign begin? As planned in autumn 2021 - or immediately?

Get out a lot, where only a little bit in it

Kühnert, the kingmaker of the new lace duo, Esken and Walter Borjans, dressed as praise, has given a heavy burden on the way to the talks with the Union. He said a lot about trust two years ago at the same place. He trusted the two newly elected. Namely, that they "know exactly with what message" they had been elected: "Next-so it may not be." In plain language this means: It is up to you to get out a lot, where only very little is in it. If you can not do that, then it has nothing to do with me.

And when does he come, the next election campaign? If one experiences the latent phlegm at this congress, one can not believe that the SPD can once again come to a decision. The Groko will probably not end in the winter of 2019/20 with a bang. But in the fall of 2021 with a whimper.

Source: zeit

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