• INPS scam: 210 false laborers reported in Cosentino
  • False laborers in Calabria, maxi-scam discovery at INPS for 800 thousand euros
  • Maxi scam against INPS for almost 17 million euros: 517 reported
  • INPS scam for a million euros, 31 suspects in Umbria


May 31, 2019 On paper, it appeared that they had hired hundreds of workers and then, in a short time, fired them all, thus creating the regulatory basis for allowing them to get the monthly unemployment benefit from INPS. This is what was discovered in the first five months of 2019 by the financiers of the Provincial Command of Caserta who carried out investigative investigations on 14 companies, ascertaining that, in all cases, the company and labor relations were fictitious. In fact, the inexistence of operating offices was detected, the lack of any accounting and the non-existence of the declared activities: the companies that turned out to be employers were actually empty boxes specially created for the sole purpose of hiring (only on paper, without paying any contribution) a series of workers who were then formally dismissed.

Furthermore, it was confirmed that the phantom companies were mainly in the Aversa area and, in particular, in Villa Literno, Castel Volturno and Casal di Principe, and that the sectors most affected were those of construction, cleaning services and leafleting. In the first five months of the year alone, 392 people were reported for aggravated fraud against the Social Security Institution (against 722 individuals reported in 2017 and others 491 in 2018), for an illicit profit, equal to the illicitly received indemnities, which already exceeds three million euros.