It was last summer that the man met the girl, who is in her teens, outdoors and took her home to her apartment where the rape happened.

In interrogation, the girl has told me that the man showed a knife and that he also threatened to kill her. Evidence shows that semen was found on the girl's panties, and traces of semen were also found on her lips.

Psychological disorder

According to the prosecutor, the girl has a mental disorder. According to Nyköping District Court, because of her disability, she is more exposed than people normally are and she has difficulty protecting herself.

The district court finds that the girl's story has been both fragmentary and unstructured. But she has returned to some violent moments.

"There is no reason to doubt her information that she did not voluntarily participate in the sexual acts and that she verbally expressed this ," the district court writes in its judgment.

Denies crime

In hearing that the girl also stated that the man took her in the shower before the sexual activities where he washed her hair, among other things. Several witnesses later saw that the girl was wet when she came out of the gate to the property where the man lives, which, according to the district court, indicates that he was in a hurry to get her out of the apartment.

The man claims that it was the girl who tried to have sex with him and thus denies the crime, but the district court does not consider his explanation to be credible. He is therefore sentenced to 1.5 years in prison and will also be expelled from Sweden.

He will also pay damages to the girl of SEK 140,000 for violation.