This weekend is the sixth consecutive year that Per in the Viken Cup is being organized at Höganäs sports center. It is aimed at boys from seven to 13 years and in total there will be about 1000 players participating. It is expected that there will be a couple of thousand visitors and then mainly relatives.

- We aim to be a great experience to be in our cup, says organizer Peter Kalén.

"Don't want to compete with girls"

All teams have the opportunity to participate in the cup, but only teams from Skåne and one team from Halland will participate this year.

- We only have boys in our cup and that's because KDFF has a big girl cup after New Year and we don't want to compete with them, but we complement each other, he says.

Futsal is growing in Skåne

- From the beginning we had 78 teams. We have refined our game schedule, so now we have 96 teams in total during the weekend and there are as many as the hall can accommodate. The number of cups aimed at futsal is constantly increasing, says Peter Kalén.

What is the difference between futsal and football?

- Futsal is a further development of indoor football. You play four outside players, you kick in instead of throw in and it goes much faster, says Peter Kalén.

Joel Lindström, 11 years, will be playing at the weekend for Viken IK.

- I've been playing for four years in a row and it will be great fun, he says.